About Face Agency

Face Agency is a boutique makeup training academy that has been producing makeup artists for over 20 years. 

We specialise in makeup training and our aim is to educate and develop quality makeup artists with passion and flair. After learning the basics, you can use the skills you gain in these courses to practice applying makeup on your friends for fun, work as a part-time employee in the makeup industry or develop your skills to become a full-time professional makeup artist.

At Face Agency, you’ll be surrounded by professionals, such as photographers and makeup artists, who are already working successfully in the industry. This is due to the many years of experience and relationships Face Agency has built within the makeup industry.

Our small class sizes ensure that you get personal attention from the trainer and our evening classes let you work during the day while you study with us.

We promote hands-on training for maximum experience, so most of your class time will be spent with a brush in your hand. This approach to learning will give you the confidence you need to pursue work in the makeup industry when your training is complete.
Payment plans are available for most of our courses, which makes them a fantastic way to get started in the industry and pay off your course while you study. You can use the skills you gain at Face Agency to build on your career as a professional makeup artist or simply come learn with us for fun.