Do Makeup Artist’s Need Insurance in Australia?


Whilst most makeup artists starting out won’t even think about insurance, insurance can provide you with protection in the unlikely event that damage occurs to property and persons as a result of your professional makeup services. Disclaimer: All statements made on this website are made in good faith, and we believe they are accurate and reliable. However, no warranty of accuracy or reliability arising in any way for errors or omissions (including responsibility to any person of negligence) is accepted by Face Agency. It is important to do your own research and speak to an insurance advisor when determining whether you need insurance for your business.


It is important to consider insurance as a freelance makeup artist. Public liability insurance will cover you in the event that damage occurs to a client as a result of your business services. In some cases, such as working on a film set, you will be required to have insurance.


Types of Insurance

There are a few different types of insurance that can cover you in various circumstances as a makeup artist. Most makeup artists will opt for public liability insurance which provides coverage in most scenarios

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover in the event that damage is caused to one of your clients as a direct result of following the advice you give them. An example of this is if your client has a severe reaction to a product recommendation that you make, obviously this is a very rare possibility and cosmetics companies have strict regulations set by the Australian Government Chemical Scheme to ensure that products are safe for use. It’s always a good idea to ask your clients if they have any allergies that they are aware of and recommend that they test products first on a small patch of skin on their hand.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability is the most common form of insurance taken out by sole traders, freelancers and small businesses in Australa. As you can guess by the name, Public Liability Insurance can help protect you if you become liable to pay compensation for injury to third parties, or damage to their property as a result of your business activities, or while using your product or service.


Public liability insurance can cover

  • Damage to third party property
  • Legal expenses occurred in deffence or settlement of a liability claim
  • Damage to property occurred in course of your business
  • Damage to property in your care

Something as simple as a client slipping on one of your lipstick tubes can h

Tools & Portable Equipment Insurance

As a makeup artist, its quite likely that you have invested hundreds to thousands of dollars on your professional makeup kit which can be devastating to your business if your makeup kit is damaged or stolen.

Tools & portable equipment can cover your equipment in the event that

  • Accidental damage occurs
  • Fire, storm, water, explosion, impact or malicious damage
  • Theft, providing that your equipment is secured properly in a building or a vehicle


Tools & portable equipment insurance does not cover your equipment in the event that your makeup kit is damaged or stolen due to your own negligence.

Do I need Insurance as a Freelance Makeup Artist?

If you are providing freelance makeup services on a continuing and ongoing basis, then you need to consider taking out public liability insurance as a minimum. Public liability insurance will cover you in the event that you accidentally cause damage to your client or their property as a result of your negligence. Even something as simple as spilling a foundation bottle that stains your client’s carpet can become an expensive liability if you are not covered by insurance.



What if I work as an employee in Retail or in a Salon?

If you are employed by a cosmetics company such as Sephora, Mac or a beauty salon, then you are likely to already be covered by the company’s insurance. It is still important to check with your employer and make sure that you are covered by their insurance policy to ensure that you are protected for the services that you provide