Paris Berlin Primer Moisturising Avant Tout 50ml


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Paris Berlin Primer, Moisturising Avant Tout

This quality moisturising makeup primer offers a de-stressing and soothing effect before adding makeup. It protects the skin, brings a glow to the complexion and leaves the skin ready for make up application. Applying this first also helps your makeup last a lot longer.

Paris Berlin hydrating makeup primer is suitable for all skin types.

Weight 50 g

FLW1NB Light Natural Beige, FLW2NB Natural Beige, FLW3NB Medium Beige, FLW4NB Warm Natural Beige, FLW5NB Golden Beige, FLW2Y Pale Yellow2, FLW3Y Pale Yellow3, FLW4Y Medium Yellow4, FLW5Y Gold Yellow, FLW6Y Tan Yellow