“Just like to say another huge THANKS again to Vicky and Tallora you were both fantastic teachers. Since finishing my course I have been involved in so many great things i started off doing a amateur play for a few weeks and since then Ive done a stack of party makeup. Ive been involved in 2 video clips and was lucky enough to… do Lucus Pittaway the star from the movie Snowtown makeup and was involved in a Hip Hop video clip a successful Adelaide Group. I have also booked 2 weddings so far this year with hopefully more to come. Its all very exciting just thought i’d stop by and share with current students some of the things they can also get involved in. 🙂 Much love xx”
Samantha Williams

” I just wanted to thank you so very much for this opportunity of a lifetime! I am so greatful. I am on here on the cruise ship for another 8 weeks, one week has already passed, but I am having the time of my life! It is absolutely amazing and I will hopefully continue to do these small two month contracts in the future. I have been busy for the first two days, totally booked up, as we are out at sea for the first two days and there is nothing much else to do… then had guests sparingly throughout each day. It is very relaxing! We get all of our meals cooked for us (massive buffets), the most incredible food I’ve ever had! I do a makeup demonstration (ladies night) with champagne and do free make up trials and sell product which is quite fun. This is my absolute dream job. None of it would be possible if it wasn’t for you! Thankyou for being such an amzing teacher and helping to become such a good make up artist and thankyou for believing in me enough to recommend myself to Steph. I will be forever greatful and inspired by you.”
Amy Tavener

“Thank you Vicky for your encouragement and support. Your ability to “Fix” everything and install confidence and ability”
Bonnie-Belle Pearson

“Fantastic trainer. Very Thorough and highly supportive. Every aspect of the course was informative & met all my expectations. FANTASTIC COURSE! Thank you”
Silvija Godic

“I loved every part of this course. The personal attention and care received in this course was wonderful & more than I ever expected. Vicky is the most thorough, helpful and caring instructor I have ever met”
Alana De Ville

“Thank you, really happy, walking away with more than I expected. Love how I can still stay in touch if I need any help/advise.”
Natalie Long

“Loved it! Can’t wait to do some of the other courses available”
Pru Farrell-Hill

“Vicky was a trainer extraordinaire, not just helpful and informative, she truly became a friend and conducted herself professionally at all times.”
Sagaya Arokiasamy

“I had a fantastic time and learned so much, Vicky has a very positive attitude towards mistakes and is always very helpful”
Lisa Stow

“Vicky is Great! Made me feel very comfortable & confident”
Kirsty Honeysett

“Such a great 10 weeks – Thank you!!!”
Emma Jeffries

“I loved the course, it taught me so much & gave me the tools to build my own business”
Sarah Bamford

“Great course girls – Thank you. I felt by me doing this course it has developed my overall skills as a makeup artist”
Hayley Manhire – Creative, Theatre & SFX Course

“Great Instructors – very encouraging”
Danielle Driscoll

“I really enjoyed this course and will definitely continue studying through the Face Agency”
Stephanie Rau

“Thank you Vicky for making the course enjoyable & the training fantastic”
Mona Sibai

“Your a fab trainer & person Vicky & I couldn’t speak more highly of you.”
Rebecca Davis

“Loved it!! I looked forward to every lesson. It was so much fun.”
Donna Hughes

“I enjoyed it so much that I’m coming back next year. You are fantastic”
Catherine Caminiti